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Make Your Own Alcohol And Spirits. Find a still to suit your needs. We cater for the collector, hobbyist and enthusiast with these beautiful hand crafted pot and reflux stills. Copper stills are the most popular of all stills and have been proven over time to be the most effective and the preferred material for professional distillers. Copper stills are not only suitable for distilling alcohol and spirits, but are also used in aromatherapy and the art of making Essential Oils. Learn how to make alcoholic spirits and essences by joining our distilling forums. Making alcohol is not hard. Save money and make your own brew and alcoholic spirits by participating with our members home brew recipes and ideas. Find out the difference between Reflux and Pot Stills and how to make Moonshine or make your own still. These are highly decorative stills and make a wonderful gifts and will add charm to home decor and decoration ideas. Buy a still as a Christmas, Birthday or Fathers Day gift or just impress your new boyfriend and show him you are an original thinker when it comes to gifts. Dad will love this as it is a real collectible that will improve its value in time.

Mini Decorative Still

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This lovely miniature replica of the alquitar still used in certain regions of the Iberian Peninsula to produce Aguardente (grappa like spirit) or other alcoholic spirits has been made with exceptional craftsmanship. All items have been perfectly polished for a pleasing and stylish look. This makes a wonderful gift or ornament for the home.

Mini Decorative Still
Mini Decorative StillMini Decorative Still
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